1st PTO Meeting of the 2017/2018 School Year

POSTPONED: Wednesday Sep 6 UPDATED: Tuesday, Sep 12 – 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Join us in the MPR for all the news and opportunities coming up.

Agenda & Meeting Minutes below:

Green Elementary PTO Agenda

Tuesday, October 3rd 2017, 7pm

Multi Purpose Room, Green Elementary School



  1. Call to Order
  2. * Review & Approval of Agenda
  • * Review & Approval of Minutes
  1. *Treasurers Report
  2. New Business
    1. Expectations for enrichment amounts *
    2. Adopt programs submitted *
    3. Adopt payment contract *
  3. Reports
    1. Programs sub-committee
    2. Fundraiser Chair- Heidi Runge
    3. Membership- Elizabeth Grell
    4. Activities and Events- Kelley Stein Murphy
    5. Marketing- Monique McNeal
    6. Infrastructure- Maria Koury
  • Good and Welfare (2MIN)
  • X. Adjournment

*Requires a vote by the board



Green Elementary PTO
Board Meeting
September 12, 2017
Green Elementary MPR
Meeting called to order at 7:06 p.m. by PTO President Erin Liddell
Attendance: Lisa Diaz, Kerri Ault, Tricia Levien, Susanne Brookens, Jennifer Stahlhammer,
Kaci Reusch, Shannon Frey, Sandy McClure, Monique McNeal, Maria Koury, James
Vercollone, Elizabeth Grell, Amy Vandergast, Raul Aguilera, Jan Salas, Erin Liddell, Anessa
Carroll, Kelly Koury, Paula Serno, Kirstin Dreas, Tammy Rodriguez, Nikki Dodd, Josh
Minuto, Al Whitaker, Azizi James, Jana Wilson, Kelley Stein Murphy, Nick Oldfield, Amanda
Oldfield, Jason Robin, Dan Nagel, Jessica Nunez, Kyle McCann, Mat Kostrinksy
Motion to review and approve agenda
Motion Approved
Motion to review and approve meeting minutes from 7/6/17
Motion Approved
Treasurers Report – given by Raul Auilera
• $106,511.42 current account balance as 9/11/17
• 2 checks (1028 for $2,401.11 for Gecko Gear, 1029 for $795.00 for Literature Comes
to Life) Motion to ratify expenditures approved
• $48.61 in electronic withdrawals from 7/1/17 – 9/11/17
• Deposits of $1,992.76 for the period of 7/1/17 – 9/11/17 for Gecko Gear, Taste of
Navajo, Jog a Thon from 2016-17 school year
• Kerri added there is an additional $6,750.25 in out standing deposits
New Business
Motion to approve appointed officers
• Vice President – Azizi James
• Reimbursement Treasurer – Jessica Nunez
• Auditor – Al Whitaker
• Membership – Elizabeth Grell
• Activities and Events Chair – Kelley Stein-Murphy
Motion Approved
Expectations for enrichment amounts
Principal McClure spoke re: programs that have been part of the program
• History of PTO (merger of Foundation and PTA)
• District policy states that we can not hire people, but can hire programs (PTO
protected against liability)
• Learning curve – receiving bids and information about various programs – most of
this has been word of mouth, parents giving Principal McClure information, etc
• Independent Contract Agreement – short term, teacher stays with class during the
service, and the service is less than 10 weeks per program – Board of Education
does not need to approve
• Monies spent in 2016-17 for enrichment programs:
o $23,409 for Razo (PE)
o $23,409 for Aragon (Music)
o $9,368 for Mason (Art Instruction)
o $5,000 payroll, $500 workers comp
• Question about how we are receiving bids – how do we know that the bids we are
receiving are competitively priced? How do vendors know to submit bids?
o Mat suggested a group of parents to create a committee to research bids
• Bids from Aragon Music, Fletcher Hills Tennis, Soccer Shots
• McClure is in talks with La Jolla Playhouse, CYT, and a resident artists
• Discussion about voting on just through Winter
• Question about District Board approved list – most programs are an assembly and
not a residential program which fits our needs
Motion to establish a sub committee to research programs
Motion Approved
Sub Committee – Elizabeth Grell to chair
Motion to adopt programs presented by Aragon Music (Winter Concert and Friday
Assemblies) for a total of $14,500
Motion Approved
Motion to add Fletcher Hills Tennis and Soccer Shots to the agenda
Motion Approved
• Fletcher Hills Tennis proposal
o $235 per day/per teacher – bid of $11,200
o Donor is willing to pay $5,500 of this cost
o 55 minute lessons for 1st – 5th
o Begin in January, and staggered for remainder of the year
o $5700 needed for approval for program
Motion to fund Fletcher Hills Tennis program
Motion Tabled until Oct meeting
• Soccer Shots
o $65 per coach per hour
o 2 coaches would run two classes at a time
o Approve an up to amount for funding classes – then decide how many hours
that would equate to
o 18 classes, 1 time a week for 50 minutes = $975 a week
o Soccer Shots is prepared to start immediately
Motion to fund Soccer Shots proposal for up to $5,000
• Accessibility for all students
• For future proposals, make sure all students with various special needs are included
Motion Approved
Consulting Contract Adoption
• Rough draft of Consulting Contract passed out for review
• Need to have this signed between PTO and Contracted service before service can
Motion to table Consulting contract adoption or have a special meeting to adopt contract
with Aragon Music
• If we don’t do this now, will we risk student instruction being affected
• Currently, Aragon Music provider has been volunteering time to teach music to
make sure students don’t have a disruption in service
• Discussion about how to best approach signing the contract
• Contracts will run consecutive (5 weeks of Assembly and 8 weeks of Winter
• If contract is signed, first 5 weeks will start Thursday, Sept 14th
Motion Approved
Motion to hold a special meeting Thursday morning to amend consulting contract language
Motion Approved
Adopt Audit Policy
• Audit Policy and Procedures, Audit Report and Audit Checklist were handed out to
members for review
• Audit information and books were given to Al Whitaker, Auditor
Motion to approve audit policy and procedures, audit report and audit checklist
Motion Approved
Fundraiser Chair – presented by Elizabeth Grell & Paula Serno
• Back to School Night was a huge success – food trucks were great, created a fun
• Currently $2500 raised in Gecko Gear for 2017-18
• Paula is pricing out other Tshirt vendors –better profit margin
• online sales have been sluggish and not as productive as expected
• Friday will be Gecko Pride Kickoff day – raffle table for wearing Gecko Gear
• Looking into new designs for gear, as well as different items (hoodies, hats)
• Need to purchase more gear
Motion to approve up to $1,500 for Gecko Gear
Motion Approved
• Great job in making a big start to getting Gecko Gear up and running!
Motion to amend last motion to increase the line item in the budget for Gecko Gear and
approve up to $1500 for Gecko Gear
Motion Approved
• Pavers
o No pavers have been sold
o We need to sell 300 more for an installation
o Create a Peachjar flyer
o If we sell 100 bricks @ $150 – profit of $13,000 for PTO
o Date? – careful of over asking
• Golf Tickets
o For Farmers Invitational
o Sell tickers at $35 each for a profit of $25 each
• Pledge Drive
o Raised close to $6000
o Everyone who donated into a raffle
o Classes recognized for participation – returning forms
o 118 families who’ve turned in forms
o Tax form for families who’ve donated $250 or more
o Written thank you notes to donors
• Taste of Navajo
o Take posters to put up around neighborhood, businesses, etc
o Calendar postings (EventBrite)
o Press Release available from Erin
o Restaurants are available as a link on website
o Teaser at Green with participating restaurants
o Community oriented – an event for everyone to attend!
Membership – Elizabeth Grell
• Put flyer on Peachjar (48 hour notice for approval)
Activities and Events – Kelley Stein Murphy
• Gecko Grind – Danielle Lourey is doing the first one
• Kinder Meet and Greet went well
• Website is up and current
Marketing – Monique McNeal
• Website – Taste of Navajo is on website and a link for Gecko Gear
• Mail Chimp – first wave of members have been inputted
• Yelp reviews – from community members, etc for Green Elementary
• Green PTO Facebook page – like the page
• Geck Gear Instagram – discussion for a future meeting
• Short video clips on facebook/instagram of school
Infrastructure – Maria Koury
• Visited a garden club at Chula Vista Elementary school – incorporating educational
aspect with infrastructure
• Working on cultivating TK/K garden areas – put together a grant
• Proposals for Grants due in December to be approved in April – Maria will do
research about grant funds
• Find a way to incorporate art projects to display student work
• GDC will move library shelving on 9/21 at 6 pm
Good and Welfare
• Shed – generously donated by Dixieline to replace PE shed that was vandalized
• Dixieline willing to help with anything that we might need
• National news for Dimitri on saving his mom’s life! J

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.
Minutes compiled by Jana Wilson, Secretary

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